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Clässy Black-Pink

86% of 100
29 Reviews

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Clässy Black-Pink

Clässy Black-Pink

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  • Specifications

    • Sold Out
    • Product Code
    • Dimensions (cm)
      37 x 25 x 11
    • Net Weight
      0.8 kg
    • Inner Volume
    • Material
      47% PU53% CanvasLining: 100% Polyester
    • Shoulder Strap Length (MIN.)
      61 CM
    • More
    • Shoulder Strap Length (MAX.)
      72 CM
    • Laptop Compartment(cm)
      13" (without laptop sleeve)
    • Magnetic Strap Closure
    • Inner Pockets
    • GL signature passport pocket
    • Adjustable Shoulder Straps

    Key Features

    Secure padded pocket fits most 11"-13" laptops.
    Adjustable PU leather straps to change the length.
    Hidden back pocket for storing valuables.


    Clässy’s durable top clasp keeps your bag firmly closed, with an inner padded laptop compartment and outer hidden pocket to keep your valuables secure. Adjustable PU leather straps let you customize for a comfortable fit.
    86% of 100
    29 Reviews
    The Gaston Luga bags are AMAZING



    The Gaston Luga bags are AMAZING! I got a second bag from them because i loved the first one so much and it's beyond my expectations again. The quality is great and the burgundy inside is gorgeous. Will definitely be buying from them again

    Reviewed on: KÅMPIS Pink

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    It's surprisingly deep inside. It looks like it won't go in, but it's all in. It looks pretty too. I was looking for a comfortable backpack that didn't spoil the atmosphere when I went to work, and I really like it. The downside is that it gets dusty. I have a cat, and cat hair is on it. I wanted to buy the white color, but there was no option.

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    Reviewed on: Clässy Black

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    I'm using Classy. It's fashionable



    I'm using Classy. It's fashionable and cute, and there is space for machines, so it's a big success for commuting!

    Reviewed on: Clässy Black

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    I have so many different

    Joanna J.


    I have so many different Gaston Luga and I love them all, I have them when I go to work, travelling, and for my daily life of course. Their clean but beautiful design. They are just perfect.

    Reviewed on: Clässy Black

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    The design is also nice



    The design is also nice and convenient! It's also comfortable to use

    Reviewed on: Clässy Black

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    lg gram 2022 16인치 버전 수납 가능한가요??

    네, LG Gram 2022 16" 제품 사이즈는 35 x 22 cm 이므로 클래시 제품 페이지내 기입된 사이즈에 아주 조금의 공간을 제외하고 딱 맞을 것으로 추측합니다. 그러나 백팩 커버를 닫는데에 무리가 있을 것 같습니다.

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    Is it waterproof?

    Hi! The Clässy backpacks are not made of waterproof material. We'd instead like to direct you to the newer Spläsh, Rullen, and Tåte collections, all of which use waterproof material.

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    지퍼가 아닌 자석과 복조리 형식으로 가방을 잠구는데 가방에 물건들을 수납 후 달리면 복조리가 풀릴 수도 있나요? 복조리가 튼튼한지 궁금합니다

    안녕하세요! 네, 복조리와 같은 스트랩은 조인 뒤 고리로 묶어 단단히 고정이 가능합니다. 또한 플랩탑을 닫은 후 버클을 채우면 백팩을 메고 뛰어도 빠지지 않습니다. (과격한 운동 제외시)

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    가방 끈이 몇 키로까지 감당 가능한가요?

    안녕하세요! 최대 수납 용량에 대한 테스트를 진행해보지 않았지만, 보통의 소지품들 (+랩탑 포함) 수납 가능 할 것이라고 예측합니다.

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    Hi! Would this bag fit a laptop with dimensions 329mm x 227mm x 17.9mm / 12.95" x 8.94" x 0.7" (W x D x H)?

    Hi Dawn! The Clässy dimensions are: 37 x 25 x 11 cm. The laptop pocket inside sits against the back of the bag, so yes, your laptop should fit.

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