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Lillen backpack + Accessory Set

0 Reviews

Customize Lillen backpack + Accessory Set

Lillen Pink
Lillen Backpack Colour
Spläsh Toiletry Bag Black
Choice of accessory
Spläsh Toiletry Bag Black
Spläsh Toiletry Bag Olive


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Lillen backpack + Accessory Set

Lillen backpack + Accessory Set

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  • Specifications

    • Sold Out
    • Product Code
      850x+ ACC
    • Dimensions (cm)
      35 x 25 x 14
    • Net Weight
      0.65 kg
    • Inner Volume
    • Material
      20% PU80% NylonLining: 100% Polyester
    • More
    • Laptop Compartment(cm)
      13" (without laptop sleeve)
    • Outer zipper Pocket
    • Inner Pockets
    • Adjustable Shoulder Straps


    Get our Lillen backpack + accessory of your choice and save up to GBP19.

    Choose the combination for your unique style.

    This set contains:
    1 x Lillen backpack
    1 x Accessory, to choose from:
    Spläsh Toiletry Bag - Black
    Spläsh Toiletry Bag - Olive
    Spläsh Plånkan Cardholder - Black
    Börs zipped wallet - Black & Gold
    GL Toiletry Bag
    Foldable shopper tote
    Journey pattern tote
    Out of stock accessory will not be available for choosing.
    0 Reviews
    All bags should be well



    All bags should be well designed, light and resistant to rain. It has been useful for commuting every day since I bought it.

    Reviewed on: Lillen Sand-brown

    1 0
    Very happy with my new

    Camilla W.


    Very happy with my new backpack from Gaston Luga! Super nice, wide, comfortable shoulder straps (so it is possible to pack heavy without destroying the shoulders) and it is completely vegan!

    Reviewed on: Lillen Pink

    1 3
    Nice bags, durable and stylish

    Alexandra L.


    Nice bags, durable and stylish design. Use them both out of town and at work

    Reviewed on: Lillen Pink

    0 0
    Vattenflaskahållarna försmå



    Trevlig och nätt väska. Skön att bära. Det finns 2 det vattenflaskhållare, en på vardera sida. Dock är dem försmå för vattenflaskorna med termosfunktion.

    Reviewed on: Lillen Black-Brown

    1 0
    No regrets



    My second purchase from Gaston Luga and I really love the finishing and the material of the bag. Easy to clean, sleek and very compact for the size. Will be even better if the material casein waterproof options, but the same size!

    Reviewed on: Lillen Black

    0 0


    Good morning, I would like to know where the products are produced. Waiting for your kind response. Best regards Svetlana

    Hi! We have a partner manufacturer in China that follows production standards made by EU and we are in close contact with the factory ourselves. The GL team regularly visits to assure the quality of working conditions and circumstances. We hope this answers your inquiry, but please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns. We are happy to help!

    4 10


    Is this bag water-proof?

    Hej Stephenie! No, the Lillen collection is not waterproof. Currently our waterproof collections are Spläsh, Tåte, and Rullen. You can check them out here (this link filters only bags made with waterproof material): https://gastonluga.com/backpacks?waterproof=1&product_list_order=position

    7 10

    Oil Chaisawat


    Gaston Luga

    Your order confirmation should have been sent to your email, please check your spam folder as well. If it's not there, kindly send us an email to [email protected] and we'll look into the matter.

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