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Rullen Backpack + Accessory Set (Worth MYR 978)

88% of 100
10 Reviews
MYR 859

Customize Rullen Backpack + Accessory Set (Worth MYR 978)

Rullen 16 Black
Rullen Backpack colour
Rullen 16 Black
Rullen 16 Olive
Rullen 16 Taupe
Rullen 16 Dark Blue
Spläsh Toiletry Bag Black
Choice of accessory
Spläsh Toiletry Bag Black
Spläsh Toiletry Bag Olive
Journey Pattern Tote
Spläsh Toiletry Bag Taupe

MYR 859

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Rullen Backpack + Accessory Set (Worth MYR 978)

Rullen Backpack + Accessory Set (Worth MYR 978)

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      900x + ACC


    Get our bestselling everyday waterproof Rullen Backpack + Spläsh Toiletry Bag or an accessory of your choice and save up to MYR119.

    Choose the combination for your unique style.

    This set contains:
    1 x Rullen Backpack
    1 x Accessory, to choose from:
    Spläsh Toiletry Bag - Black
    Spläsh Toiletry Bag - Olive
    Börs zipped wallet - Black & Gold
    Spläsh Plånkan - Black
    Ärlig toiletry bag
    Out of stock accessory will not be available for choosing.
    88% of 100
    10 Reviews
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    Overall great experience

    Silke M.


    The bag I ordered was even nicer in person than on the website, and the quality is really high! The shipping was also very quick, and the free gift I received with my order was such a nice little extra surprise. Would definitely recommend them!

    Reviewed on: Clässic Grey-Brown

    21 14
    Thank you again, we are

    Discover B.


    Thank you again, we are so happy with the quality of the backpacks and we highly recommend it

    Reviewed on: Clässic Black-Brown

    9 4



    I am very happy with both the bag and the toiletry bag that I got for the bag. Spacious bag, where the computer can fit and training clothes as well as a lunch box for a working day. I am really happy with my purchase. Recommend this backpack if you want a backpack that is in "medium size". Will be used extensively for work but also on trips.

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    Gaston Luga

    Hi Medina!

    We are happy to hear you are enjoying your new bag and accessory!

    Thank you for your review.

    Alex - Gaston Luga Customer Support

    Absolutely adore this brand!



    I adore my Gaston Luga backpack! I have two now, the Parlan and the Classic, and honestly I don't think I'll use any other bag for a LONG time. I've always preferred backpacks in general because the amount of things I carry day to day (I'm a uni student) tends to be pretty heavy and triggers an old shoulder pain, but I've gone through countless backpacks in my time because they always break. Since getting my first Gaston Luga bag, that just isn't a problem anymore. The material is so sturdy, and it's held together so well I have absolutely no doubt it'll last years. My Classic one has been through some intense testing with the amount of things I carry, and it's stood strong. Now I have the Parlan, and I'm just as thrilled with the quality as I was before! It looks absolutely incredible, feels so sturdy where needed, and is the perfect size for just day to day wanderings. I can't fault this brand - absolutely love it!

    Reviewed on: Clässic Olive-Brown

    8 6
    I absolutely love this bag!!



    I absolutely love this bag. It is so convenient and yet also sooo stylish! It also has a bit where it separates the bag and that’s extremely suitable for me as I also carry a laptop around. I absolutely love this bag and I’d definitely recommend it.

    Reviewed on: Clässic Olive-Brown

    4 7
    1 2