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Heritage Shopper + Accessory Set

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Spesialpris kr 1 259,10 Vanlig pris kr 1 399,00
Til kr 1 259,10 Vanlig pris kr 1 399,00

Tilpass Heritage Shopper + Accessory Set

Heritage Shopper Svart
Heritage Shopper Colour
Heritage Shopper Svart
Heritage Shopper Taupe
Heritage Shopper Sage
Spläsh toalettmappe Svart
Choice of accessory
Spläsh toalettmappe Svart
Spläsh toalettmappe Oliven

kr 1 259,10

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Heritage Shopper + Accessory Set

Heritage Shopper + Accessory Set

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  • Spesifikasjoner

    • Produktkode
    • Størrelse
      33 x 35 x 15
    • Vekt
      0.7 kg
    • Volum
      17.32 L
    • Materiale
      73% Recycled Polyester / 27% TPUWebbing: 100% Recycled NylonLining: 100% Recycled Polyester (rPET)
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    Get our Heritage Shopper + accessory of your choice and save up to NOK299.

    Choose the combination for your unique style.

    This set contains:
    1 x Heritage Shopper
    1 x Accessory, to choose from:
    Spläsh Toiletry Bag - Black
    Spläsh Toiletry Bag - Olive
    Spläsh Plånkan Cardholder - Black
    Börs zipped wallet - Black & Gold
    GL Toiletry Bag
    Foldable shopper tote
    Journey pattern tote
    Out of stock accessory will not be available for choosing.
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