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Spläsh Totebag + accessory set

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Spesialpris kr 1 108,80 Vanlig pris kr 1 232,00
Til kr 1 108,80 Vanlig pris kr 1 232,00

Tilpass Spläsh Totebag + accessory set

 Spläsh Tote Svart
Spläsh totebag colour
 Spläsh Tote Svart
 Spläsh Tote Taupe
 Spläsh Tote Sage
Spläsh toalettmappe Svart
Choice of accessory
Spläsh toalettmappe Svart
Spläsh toalettmappe Oliven
Canvas Tote Bag Dark Grey
Fräsch  Svart
Rinken Svart
Rinken Dark Grey

kr 1 108,80

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Spläsh Totebag + accessory set

Spläsh Totebag + accessory set

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    Get GastonLuga best seller Spläsh bundle and save up to NOK249. Find the bag combination that represents this unique relationship. This set contains:
    1 x Spläsh tote bag
    1 xCanvas Totebag
    Or Börs
    OrSpläsh Toiletry bag - Black
    OrSpläsh Toiletry bag - Olive
    OrSpläsh Plånkan - Black
    OrFoldable shopper tote
    OrRinken - Black
    OrRinken - Dark grey
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