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SPLÄSH 16" Dark Blue

82% of 100
52 Recensioner
1 299 kr
Laptop 11-16 inches

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SPLÄSH 16 Dark Blue

SPLÄSH 16" Dark Blue

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  • Produktspecifikationer

    • Vattentätt material
    • Sold Out
    • Produktkod
    • Mått (cm)
      45 x 35 x 13
    • Nettovikt
      1.1 kg
    • Volym
    • Material
      100% PU Foder: 100% polyester
    • More
    • Shoulder Strap Length (MIN.)
      52 CM
    • Shoulder Strap Length (MAX.)
      91 CM
    • Datorfack
      32 x 32
    • Ficka med dragkedja
    • Inre fickor
    • Justerbara axelband


    Tillverkad av vattentåligt material av högsta kvalitet.
    Vadderat laptopfack håller de flesta 11"-16" bärbara datorer säkra.
    Vadderat meshparti baktill för optimalt stöd.


    Vår ikoniska modell Spläsh är tillbaka, nu bara lite större. Den nya 16" Spläsh är gjord av samma vattenavstötande material som sin 13”-kusin och lika lätt att rengöra, den är bara 7,5 centimeter större. Vi har också ökat användbarheten med ett förbättrat meshparti baktill som har god andningsförmåga. Det inre, vadderade facket rymmer en laptop upp till 16" och framfickorna med dragkedjor rymmer de saker du behöver ha lätt tillgång till och lite mer.
    82% of 100
    52 Recensioner



    Eccezionale! Il mio mai più senza!

    Reviewed on: Spläsh 13'' Black-Brown

    2 4
    Great colour!



    Love this colour combination. Was skeptical of the differences it would be from the original Spläsh and paying a premium for it but looking at this in real life it is worth it

    Reviewed on: Spläsh 2.0 - 13” Light Grey/ Dark Grey

    7 7
    Love! Love! Love!

    Alia S.


    Comfortable. Spacious. Rain-proof. Red colour. What not to love.. it can fit in my laptop & charger, my bulky headphone, my water bottle, my stationery case, and a spare change of clothes. Doesn't feel any strain to my back at all. Perfect for my commute to work and as a carry-on for those long haul flights.

    Reviewed on: Spläsh 16'' (Limited Edition) Vermilion-BlackVer

    5 1
    With Love

    Suppaseth Wongitthinimit


    I have one from last year Rullen16” and fall in love with Function and Material it’s look Normal but Speacial, and this year I buy Splash 16” it’s Make me falling in love again, the Taupe color became my favorite. Great Bag with love from your customer

    Reviewed on: SPLÄSH 16" Taupe-Black

    5 5
    Worth the wait! ❤️



    I order this backpack at the beginning of December and got it until mid January BUT I MUST HIGHLIGHT how incredibly and helpful were the people from Customer Service! I got the Taupe color and it was a pre-order and obviously because of the Christmas season it got delayed but CS was so helpful and kept me updated at all time. They even offered me to change Color so I could get it before Christmas but I am so stubborn and decided to wait until the taupe arrived. Let me just say..it is worth the waiting time! The color is just so beautiful and the materials are supe high quality! I have been using it daily for a month now and have gotten so many compliments! Love my Gaston Luga!

    Reviewed on: SPLÄSH 16" Taupe-Black

    0 4
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    Would the 16" Spläsh model be able to hold one or more A3-size books?

    Hi Charlotte! Yes, Spläsh 16" will fit A3-sized items, and depending on the thickness of these books and other things you'll put in the bag, you should be able to fit more than one at a time. Hope this information helps! Spläsh 16" dimensions: 45 x 35 x 13 cm A3 dimensions: 42 x 29.7 cm

    23 4


    Does it fit with the new 14in Macbook Pro?

    Hej Anthony! We can only really confidently say that the laptop pocket of the Spläsh 13" will fit most 13" devices, but without using the laptop pocket your Macbook may fit in the main body of the bag. We recommend checking the dimensions of your device and comparing against the bag measurements provided on the product page.

    5 17


    What is the Laptop compartment measurements?

    Hi Nadyne! We do not have exact measurements for the laptop compartment alone as the material does stretch and bend, and there is a bit of allowance. Do know that we have designed it to comfortably fit most standard 11"-13" laptops, and do note that the standard measures diagonally across the laptop screen and does not include the bezel or the casing surrounding the screen, and does not account for any laptop sleeve or additional covering. We would advise taking into account your laptop's full dimensions as well as the backpack's when making a selection.

    1 0


    Hello, I would like to know how much the polyurethane will scratch, if it's easily damageable or not, please. Because I feel like this kind of material would scratch really fast, even by the littlest collision. Thanks, Lilou

    Hi! The waterproof material is not particularly susceptible to scratching. If you receive your product scratched or damaged, please do let us know.

    10 0


    May I know how long will it takes to deliver to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur?

    Hej Eve! Currently orders to Malaysia take around 10-14 business days via standard shipping (GD Express). With DHL shipping it takes about half that time.

    1 9
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