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SPLÄSH 16"背包 + 配件優惠組 (價值NT$6590)

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任選 SPLÄSH 16背包 + 配件優惠組 (價值NT$6590)

Spläsh 16 經典黑
Spläsh 16" 背包顏色
Spläsh 16 經典黑
Spläsh 16 經典黑&咖啡棕
Spläsh 16 橄欖綠&經典黑
Spläsh 16 灰褐色&經典黑
Spläsh 16 (新年限定色) 硃砂紅&經典黑
Spläsh 16 橡樹棕&經典黑
Spläsh 16 薰衣草紫&灰褐色
Spläsh 16 海藍
Börs 零錢包 閃耀金&經典黑
Börs 零錢包 閃耀金&經典黑
Spläsh 化妝包 經典黑
Spläsh 化妝包 橄欖綠
Spläsh Plånkan 卡夾 經典黑
Ärlig 盥洗包
Journey 環保袋


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SPLÄSH 16背包 + 配件優惠組 (價值NT$6590)

SPLÄSH 16"背包 + 配件優惠組 (價值NT$6590)

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    購買我們最熱銷的防水Spläsh 16"背包 + Spläsh化妝包或其他心儀配件,幫您省下NT$850


    1 x Spläsh 16"背包
    1 x 配件,可選擇配件包含:
    Spläsh 化妝包 - 經典黑
    Spläsh 化妝包 - 橄欖綠
    Börs 零錢包 - 閃耀金&經典黑
    GL 經典化妝包 - 經典黑
    Spläsh Plånkan 卡夾 - 經典黑
    JOURNEY 環保袋
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    Hi, Hope you are well. May I know the dimension and capacity of this backpack? Just wanna know whether it has enough space for a laptop, a pair of sport shoes, gym clothes and a bottle of water? Thank you. Best Regards, Lucy

    Gaston Luga

    Hi Lucy! The Spläsh 16 backpack dimensions are 45 x 35 x 13 cm with a laptop compartment dimension of 32 x 32 cm. It has an inner volume of 20L. It should have enough space for your laptop, shoes, gym clothes and has an inner compartment for a watter bottle as well. Sincerely, Alex - Gaston Luga Customer Support

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