The successful Swedish backpack brand Gaston Luga, known throughout Asia and large parts of Europe, is launching a new backpack ready to compete for market share on their home turf. “Through the launch of Rullen, we aim to further establish ourselves in the local market”, says the company’s CEO Jonas Wistrand.

Gaston Luga, since 2016 has produced high quality backpacks influenced by timeless Scandinavian design, which has been a huge success in countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, and Singapore. With their latest functional model Rullen, they hope it can help them capture market share in the European market.

“We have established ourselves as a relatively well-known player in Asia and aim, with Rullen, to establish ourselves properly on the European market. We believe that Rullen will appeal to the European audience, mainly as a result of the focus on both functionality and smart design in one product”, says Jonas Wistrand, CEO at Gaston Luga.

Rullen is equipped with a functional roll-top flap, allowing the possibility to adjust the volume and inner space of the backpack. The backpack comes with a number of smart features that accommodate a laptop and other smaller compartments that will hold keys, card holders and other valuables. Rullen is also made with premium waterproof material and has a padded back, which means that you can carry your valuables both comfortably and without having to worry about them getting wet.

Made from 100% waterproof material

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“Rullen is our most versatile backpack to date. There is an increasing demand for multidisciplinary backpacks where style and function are two determining factors. People want a backpack that they can cycle with to work in all weather conditions, whilst not having to worry about lack of space if they need to shop on the way home”, says Sakiko Shimizu, Chief Designer at Gaston Luga.

With the release of Rullen, Gaston Luga hopes to not only establish the brand for real in Europe but also to reach a more active urban target group globally. While Rullen was designed initially with a specific group in mind, it is still clear that this addition to the family should still suit everyone’s needs when it comes to backpacks.

“We believe that Rullen will not only appeal to the active urbanites who commute to work but also should be seen as an alternative to a weekend bag or even as the bag you take with you when you go out into the woods; or on any other journey.”, Says Jonas Wistrand.

Style your journey with Rullen, available in 4 colours