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Astro, 2023

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There is a waiting time of up to 4-5 weeks while the pieces are prepared for shipping. Orders will be shipped in specialized crates from Ricardo's studio in Spain.

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Astro, 2023

Astro, 2023


  • Sold Out
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  • Maße
    146 x 89
  • Material
    Strong durable canvas
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Oil on canvas
146 x 89cm
Original/unique painting
Signed by artist in on bottom right corner
Art canvas in cotton, mounted on wooden frame


”Astro” is based on the record setting event from 2012, where Felix Baumgartner succeeded in his 38 969 metres space dive. Artist Ricardo Rodriguez describes ”Astro” as his unique interpretation of an event in history where bodily constraints were not in play and how one person could conquer set beliefs on what was not considered humanly possible. ”I’ve always found inspiration in unique, strong mindsets and how people find ways to question everything around them. Baumgartner is a pioneer in his field and is one of the few people who have traversed the edge of space.” - Ricardo Rodriguez
0 Bewertungen
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