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SPLÄSH 16" Dark Blue

83% of 100
39 Anmeldelser
kr 1 299,00
Sold Out
Discontinued, no future restock
Laptop 11-16 inches

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SPLÄSH 16 Dark Blue

SPLÄSH 16" Dark Blue

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  • Spesifikasjoner

    • Vannavvisende materiale
    • Sold Out
    • Produktkode
    • Størrelse
      45 x 35 x 13
    • Vekt
      1.1 kg
    • Volum
    • Materiale
      100% PULining: 100% Polyester
    • More
    • Shoulder Strap Length (MIN.)
      52 CM
    • Shoulder Strap Length (MAX.)
      91 CM
    • PC-lomme
      32 x 32
    • Lomme med glidelås
    • Indre lommer
    • Justerbare skulderremmer

    Viktige funksjoner

    Laget av vannavvisende materiale i høyeste kvalitet.
    Polstret og sikker PC-lomme som passer de fleste 11”-16” bærbare pcer.
    Polstret, ventilerende air mesh seksjon bak for god komfort.


    Vår ikoniske modell Spläsh er tilbake, bare litt større. Den nye 16 ” Spläsh er laget med det samme vannavvisende materialet til sin 13” fetter, den har bare 7,5 centimeter ekstra. Vi har også økt komforten med en ventilerende air mesh seksjon bak som gir god bæreopplevelse. Det indre, polstrede rommet har nå plass til en bærbar PC på opptil 16 "og frontlommene med glidelås er litt større, for rask og enkel tilgang til nødvendigheter.
    83% of 100
    39 Anmeldelser
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    The bag is super sleek, comfy as there are paddings, safe for ur laptop as there is padding too. It will go well with probably any outfits.

    Reviewed on: SPLÄSH 16" Svart

    6 2
    Best backpack!! Shipping to the

    Enzo G.


    Best backpack!! Shipping to the US only took a few days, came in a nice black box. Looks super fancy once you open the box the backpack is in nice dust cover bag. Took the backpack out and boom! This backpack looks soo nice, fancy and very good quality. Also very happy they use vegan leather. I already tried it out for a few days and its super comfortable. I love my new backpack, Thank you Gaston Luga!

    Reviewed on: SPLÄSH 16" Svart-Brun

    5 4
    Fall in Love WoTs it



    I love my splash 16” backpack , what a finishing and the pretty design and can fit my laptop well and the ultra finishing water proof was one of the best feature

    Reviewed on: SPLÄSH 16" Svart-Brun

    7 2
    functional and stylish



    Backpacks for 16 inches don't have such a stylish design, so when I found it, I thought "This is it!" and bought it immediately. It's great to have a pocket to put a tumbler in as well as a PC.

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    Reviewed on: SPLÄSH 16" Svart-Brun

    1 0
    I love this backpack, especially

    Chiara B.


    I love this backpack, especially because it is the right size for my needs, it has a pocket for your PC or tablet. It also seems very resistant, I can't wait to travel to be able to use it.

    Reviewed on: SPLÄSH 16" Oliven-Svart

    2 2
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


    Would the 16" Spläsh model be able to hold one or more A3-size books?

    Hi Charlotte! Yes, Spläsh 16" will fit A3-sized items, and depending on the thickness of these books and other things you'll put in the bag, you should be able to fit more than one at a time. Hope this information helps! Spläsh 16" dimensions: 45 x 35 x 13 cm A3 dimensions: 42 x 29.7 cm

    29 2


    May I know how long will it takes to deliver to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur?

    Hej Eve! Currently orders to Malaysia take around 10-14 business days via standard shipping (GD Express). With DHL shipping it takes about half that time.

    0 12


    Will the laptop compartment fit the new 16" macbook pro, that is thicker than previous models?

    Hi Kelly! As long as the new Macbook 16" Pro isn't outrageously thicker than your average non-Apple laptop, it should still fit in the Spläsh 16's laptop compartment.

    6 11


    Can you provide the length, width and height size of 16 inches?

    Gaston Luga

    Hi there! All backpack measurements are availabe on our website next to the photo of the product. For Spläsh 16 the measurements are: 45 x 35 x 13cm.

    0 0


    Hi, Will this fit a Lenovo ThinkPad T14s? Thanks.

    Gaston Luga

    Hi Priyanka! The dimensions of the Lenovo ThinkPad T14s are: 32.88 cm x 22.58 cm x 1.61 cm The dimensions of the Spläsh 16 backpack are: 45 x 35 x 13 cm and the dimensions of the laptop compartment inside the backpack are: 32 x 32 cm I think it is safe to say that the backpack will fit in the main compartment of the bag, with the possibility that it will also fit in the laptop compartment itself as the material of the compartment is quite soft and stretchy. Sincerely, Alex - Gaston Luga Customer Support

    0 0
    1 2