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Spläshini + Spläsh bag set

100% of 100
1 Reviews

Customize Spläshini + Spläsh bag set

Spläshini  Black
Spläshini colour
Spläshini  Black
Spläshini  Cloud Cream
Spläsh 13 Black
Spläsh 2.0- 16" or 13" Backpack colour
Spläsh 13 Black
Spläsh 13 Black-Brown
Spläsh 13 Olive-Black
Spläsh 13 Grey-Black
Spläsh 13 White-Black
Spläsh 16 Black-Brown
Spläsh 16 Olive-Black
Spläsh 16 Taupe-Black
Spläsh 13 Taupe-Black
Spläsh 13 Dark Oak / Black
Spläsh 13 Very Peri / Taupe
Spläsh 13 Dark Blue
Spläsh 16 Dark Oak / Black
Spläsh 16 Very Peri / Taupe
Spläsh 16 Dark Blue

Spläsh mini Black
Spläsh Mini Crossbody Bag Black(Pre-order, restock in January)
Spläsh Laptop Bag Black
Spläsh Mini Crossbody Bag Cyber Lime
Spläsh Mini Crossbody Bag Petrol
Spläsh Bum Bag Black(Pre-order, Restock in october)
Spläsh Bum Bag Taupe(Pre-order, Restock in october)
 Spläsh Tote Black
 Spläsh Tote Taupe
 Spläsh Tote Petrol
 Spläsh Tote Sage


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Spläshini + Spläsh bag set

Spläshini + Spläsh bag set

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  • Specifications

    • Waterproof material
    • Product Code
    • Material
    • Outer zipper Pocket
    • More
    • Inner Pockets
    • Adjustable Shoulder Straps


    Get Spläshini+ Spläsh bags and save up to EUR20 Find the bag combination that represents this unique relationship. This set contains:
    1 x Spläshini
    1 x Spläsh Mini Crossbody bag
    Or Spläsh bumbag
    Or Spläsh laptop bag
    Or Spläsh Mini
    Or Spläshini
    Or Spläsh tote bag
    Or Spläsh13"
    Or Spläsh16"
    100% of 100
    1 Reviews
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    Spläshini + Spläsh bag set



    Good bags for both. Tiny but cute and mighty

    0 0

    Gaston Luga

    Hi there!

    Thank you for your feedback, we are happy to hear you are enjoying your new bags!

    Alex - Gaston Luga Customer Support