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Daft Punk, 2023

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There is a waiting time of up to 4-5 weeks while the pieces are prepared for shipping. Orders will be shipped in specialized crates from Ricardo's studio in Spain.

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Daft Punk, 2023

Daft Punk, 2023

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  • Specifications

    • Sold Out
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    • Dimensions (cm)
      146 x 114
    • Material
      Strong durable canvas
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    Key Features

    Oil on canvas

    146 x 114cm
    Original/unique painting
    Signed by artist in on bottom right corner
    Art canvas in cotton, mounted on wooden frame


    Daft Punk is considered by many as one of the most iconic music duos of our time. The French duo announced their split in 2021 after almost 30 years of donning outer-worldly ensembles and creating world-renowned hits. ”Daft Punk has been with me since as long as I can remember. I was always fascinated with how they dressed and created music that was listened to all over the world. In short, they are some of the most inspirational musicians that I listen to on a daily basis when I paint.” - Ricardo Rodriguez
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