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KAWS ”Chum” 2022 Black Edition

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KAWS ”Chum” 2022 Black Edition

KAWS ”Chum” 2022 Black Edition

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    KAWS ”Chum” 2022 Black Edition Rarity: Open Edition
    Released: 2022
    Size: 29.2cm x 14cm x 8.3cm

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary since its first release, acclaimed Brooklyn based artis KAWS released a series of five colorways of his CHUM figurine on August 9, 2022. KAWS Chum series depicts one of his more famous muses, his character based on the Michelin Man. The original figurine launched in 2002, today fetches prices from 3,500 EUR up to 8,000 EUR depending on the colorway on the second-hand market and auctions. "

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