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TYPE City Escapade

We love travelling, eating great food, taking photographs and creating video. Whilst we can’t travel outside of the country for now we’ve been riding around on our vintage motorcycle and rediscovering Singapore, the city where we fell in love three years ago & now live together.

Every Monday morning we head out to a different part of the city to shoot new content for our page @alifeofattraction — Mack always carries the heavy camera equipment and I bring my accessories, toiletries, and sometimes a change of outfit! We travel by motorcycle, so the fact that the bags are quite slimline means it’s much more comfortable for us both, whilst still being able to carry a lot!

We have matching ‘his’ and ‘hers' Rullen Backpacks and we absolutely love them! The bags are super spacious and expandable, with accessible zippers and hidden pockets for valuables. The Rullen is made with premium, easy to clean waterproof material which is perfect for us as we’re always on the move and it puts our mind at ease knowing our equipment is protected!

Digital Creator @alifeofattraction