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BE@RBRICK X Keith Haring Estate #2 1000%

Released: 2018
Painted Cast Resin
71,1 x 35,6 x 22,9cm / 28 x 14 x 9inches
Stamped on the reverse and the underside of the feet
Produced by Medicom Toy, Tokyo, Japan

A unique, timeless collectible trademarked & licensed between Medicom Toy’s Be@rbrick- line and the Estate of Keith Haring. This Be@rbrick was first released in 2018 and was the second unique design to be launched with the Haring Estate. The artwork which wraps the Be@rbrick sculpture was Haring’s 1984 acrylic on canvas original artwork ”Untitled Pink” which showcases his unique style of drawing figure’s on patterned backgrounds.


Butterfly Rainbow

Artist: Damien Hirst
Year: 2020
Size: 48.3 x 99.7cm (19 x 39 1/4 inches)
Edition: 953/1497
Artists stamped signature on publisher’s label affixed to verso
Laminated giclée print on aluminium composite panel.

Damien Hirst rose to prominence in late 1980s London and is considered one of the most notorious artists of his generation. He has pushed the limits of fine art and good taste with sculptures that comprise dead animals submerged in formaldehyde; innumerable spot paintings that appear mass-produced and can sell for millions of dollars; and the exuberantly tacky For the Love of God (2007), a human skull studded with 8,601 diamonds. Through his installations, sculptures, drawings, and paintings, Hirst explores themes including religion, mortality, and desire. Since 1988, when the artist developed and curated “Freeze,” a groundbreaking exhibition of his work and that of his Goldsmiths College peers, he has been the subject of major shows at Tate Modern in London, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. In 2008, Hirst controversially staged “Beautiful Inside my Head Forever,” an auction in which he sold his work directly to the public and raked in around $200 million for himself. His individual works have sold for more than $10 million at auction.


KAWS ”Chum” 2022 Black Edition

Rarity: Open Edition
Released: 2022
Size: 29.2cm x 14cm x 8.3cm

To celebrate the 20th anniversary since its first release, acclaimed Brooklyn based artis KAWS released a series of five colorways of his CHUM figurine on August 9, 2022. KAWS Chum series depicts one of his more famous muses, his character based on the Michelin Man. The original figurine launched in 2002, today fetches prices from 3,500 EUR up to 8,000 EUR depending on the colorway on the second-hand market and auctions. "


Medicom Keith Haring Flying Devil Statue Red

About the artist: Bridging the gap between the art world and the street, Keith Haring rose to prominence in the early 1980s with his graffiti drawings made in the subways and on the sidewalks of New York City. Combining the appeal of cartoons with the raw energy of ART BRUT artists like Jean DuBuffet, Haring developed a distinct pop-graffiti aesthetic centered on fluid, bold outlines against a dense, rhythmic overspread of imagery like that of babies, barking dogs, flying saucers, hearts, and Mickey Mouse. In his subway drawings and murals, Haring explored themes of exploitation, subjugation, drug abuse, and rising fears of the nuclear holocaust, which became increasingly apocalyptic after his AIDS diagnosis. Alongside Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, and Jenny Holzer, Haring is regarded as a leading figure in the New York East Village Art scene in the 1970s and '80s.
The original Flying Devil statue was released in 1990 and followed the signature pop art style associated with Haring. Through this sculpture, Haring employed redemptive elements to comment on the Jesus Movement and Christian religious fanaticism of the 1970s. Medicom Toy pay’s homage to Keith Haring with this 2022 release made in 100% polystone under license with the Keith Haring estate.
Signature from artist estate printed on the back
Height: 38cm
Material: Polystone

Artist: Takashi Murakami
Artwork: We Are The Square Jocular Clan (5)

About the artist: One of the most acclaimed artists to emerge from post-war Asia, Takashi Murakami is known for his signature “Superflat” aesthetic: a colorful, two-dimensional style that straddles the division between fine art and pop culture as it unites elements of anime, Japanese nihonga, and ukiyo-e woodcuts. Common motifs across Murakami’s oeuvre—which spans paintings, sculptures, prints, and more—include smiling flowers, bears, and the Mickey Mouse–inspired character Mr. DOB. They also appear throughout Murakami’s thriving market for merchandise and collectables. Murakami has presented at institutions including the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, MoMA PS1,Mori Art Museum, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Brooklyn Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago among others, and his work has sold for millions on the secondary market. Murakami also runs a large influential art production and artist management company, the Tokyo-based Kaikai Kiki Co.

Year: 2019
Number in series: 115/300
Signed and numbered by artist on lower right corner.
Offset print, with silver and high gloss varnishing
18 7/10 × 18 7/10 in | 47.5 × 47.5 cm
Artwork comes framed in a 3x3cm black pinewood frame and fitted passepartout
Edition of 300"

GL x Ricardo Rodriguez
Oil painting on Spläsh backpack

Two original works were painted with oil on canvas, while the other two works were recreated on 18 Spläsh 13" backpacks.

The idea to use backpacks as a canvas has been with us since the beginning of the brand and we have always wanted you, our audience, to be creative and be able to have your backpacks fit your personal style. In this collaboration, we chose to take it a step further and have an artist like Ricardo bring forth the full potential of alternative media with our most sought-after backpacks.

GL x Ricardo Rodriguez
Daft Punk, 2023
Astro, 2023
Oil painting on canvas

Introducing a multidisciplinary collaboration between Gaston Luga and Spanish hyperrealistic painter Ricardo Rodriguez. Our collaboration with Ricardo celebrates an understanding and appreciation of monochrome simplicity. Ricardo’s devotion to the black and white medium of colours, building up the layers to bring forth depth and extreme realism, has garnered our interest since his early works with F1 Authentics’ Paddock Club, the paintings of icons such as Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Ricardo’s love for juxtaposing black and white on canvas is the very foundation for all his works and we wanted to align that with our Scandinavian aesthetics and the timeless design of our Spläsh backpack. The result is four uniquely interpreted hommage-artworks showcasing Felix Baumgartner’s legendary space dive in 2012 and the iconic French DJ-duo Daft Punk. Two original works were painted with oil on canvas.

Bearbrick X Keith Haring Estate DesignerCon 2018 Exclusive 1000% (2018)

Released: 2018.11.3 during DesignerCon in Anaheim, California

This version #3- design features a red, blue and yellow color way with Keith Haring’s iconic linework along with Keith Haring's signature printed on back. This version was only available to VIP ticket holders that attended Designer Con in Anaheim.

KAWS - The Promise

Following the unveiling of his “THE PROMISE” public art installation at Qatar Museum’s Dadu Gardens, Brooklyn- based artist KAWS released a set of vinyl figures in three colorways standing 37cm tall. This new COMPANION release comes stamped from the artists estate and is one of the highest coveted releases of 2022.