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產品 產品

Heritage Mini Messenger 經典黑

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Nylon CN TR
Polyester CN TR

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Heritage Mini Messenger  經典黑

Heritage Mini Messenger 經典黑

  • 有限終生保固
  • 有任何問題,立即線上諮詢客服
  • 功能細節

    • 產品編號
    • 尺寸(厘米)
      13.5 x 20 x 7
    • 重量
      0.2 kg
    • 容量
      1.89 L
    • 材質
      73% 再生聚酯纖維 / 27% TPU織帶:100% 再生環保尼龍內裡:100% 再生環保聚酯纖維
    • 外置拉鏈夾層
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    • 內置口袋
    • 可調節肩帶




    我們的 Heritage 迷你郵差包的靈感來自工作服和軍裝細節。 這個單品採用耐用的再生防水材料製成,簡約的美感與低調的品牌標誌相得益彰,寬敞的內袋可裝下您的所有必需品。 可調節肩帶,可以實現斜挎或肩背。
    0 評價

    Cyrus Chin

    This shoulder messenger bag is for female or male?

    Gaston Luga

    Hi Cyrus! Our Heritage line is designed with both women and male in mind so it is considered unisex. The shoulder strap can be extended/minimized to fit people of different sizes. Sincerely, Alex - Gaston Luga Customer Support

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    บดินทร์ เวชวิทยาขลัง

    1.ด้านในมีช่องแบ่งไหมครับหรือโล่งๆ 2.กันน้ำได้ไหม ดูวัสดุเหมือนผ้า

    Gaston Luga

    Hi there! The Heritage Mini Messenger has two zipped pockets in the inside. It is crafted from a durable recycled and water-resistant material so it is not 100% waterproof. Sincerely, Alex - Gaston Luga Customer Support

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    Whats the maximum strap length when extended?

    Gaston Luga

    Hi Nuha! The maximum strap length of the Heritage Mini Messenger bag is 115 cm. Sincerely, Alex - Gaston Luga Customer Support

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