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Pråper Navy-Brown

84% of 100
34 Recensioner
1 399 kr
Laptop 11-15 inches

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Pråper Navy-Brown

Pråper Navy-Brown

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  • Produktspecifikationer

    • Sold Out
    • Produktkod
    • Mått (cm)
      42 x 30 x 15
    • Nettovikt
      1.0 kg
    • Volym
    • More
    • Material
      47% PU53% Canvas Foder: 100% polyester
    • Datorfack
      30 x 30
    • Inre fickor
    • Justerbara axelband


    Säkert vadderat laptopfack som passar de flesta 11-15 tums bärbara datorer.
    Justerbara dubbla spännen så att väskan kan stängas i fyra nivåer.
    Dold ficka mot ryggen för värdesaker.


    Pråpers vadderade inre laptopfack och rymliga interiör ger dig tillräckligt med utrymme för hela dagen, med en dold ytterficka att förvara dina värdesaker i. Den starka, robusta konstruktionen och de justerbara spännena ger extra säker stängning.

    84% of 100
    34 Recensioner
    With Love

    Suppaseth Wongitthinimit


    I have one from last year Rullen16” and fall in love with Function and Material it’s look Normal but Speacial, and this year I buy Splash 16” it’s Make me falling in love again, the Taupe color became my favorite. Great Bag with love from your customer

    Reviewed on: SPLÄSH 16" Taupe-Black

    2 1
    Such stylish bags and so

    Ida S.


    Such stylish bags and so wonderful with a Swedish brand with a focus on Swedish design!

    Reviewed on: Spläsh 13'' Black

    0 1
    I have two backpacks from



    I have two backpacks from Gaston Luga and am so happy! Good quality and comfortable to wear! Nice design!

    Reviewed on: Spläsh 13'' Black

    0 0
    So heavenly looking and good

    Blondiesworkhard J.


    So heavenly looking and good quality. Definitely worth the price

    Reviewed on: Spläsh 13'' Black

    3 17
    I got an absolutely lovely

    Karita S.


    I got an absolutely lovely backpack and it is used by the whole family

    Reviewed on: Pråper Black

    1 0
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    is this backpack really waterproof in heavy rain?

    Hi Delfina! Yes, since the material of the backpack is 100% waterproof, it should still protect your belongings from water even in heavy rain.

    29 0


    Would the 16" Spläsh model be able to hold one or more A3-size books?

    Hi Charlotte! Yes, Spläsh 16" will fit A3-sized items, and depending on the thickness of these books and other things you'll put in the bag, you should be able to fit more than one at a time. Hope this information helps! Spläsh 16" dimensions: 45 x 35 x 13 cm A3 dimensions: 42 x 29.7 cm

    23 4


    Is the canvas waterproof?

    Hi Leticia! The Pråper backpacks are made of cotton canvas and synthetic leather. These materials are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. We recommend looking into waterproofing solutions available on the market if you wish to further reinforce protection against water. Otherwise, you could also look at our current waterproof options such as the Spläsh, Rullen and Tåte backpacks.

    10 4


    Isn't good to take care?

    Hej Kimberlyn! The waterproof material of the Spläsh collection makes it easy to clean: you simply wipe off any dirt or stains with a cloth, whether dry or damp with slightly soapy water. If this doesn't answer your question, feel free to contact our customer support!

    12 9


    Does it fit with the new 14in Macbook Pro?

    Hej Anthony! We can only really confidently say that the laptop pocket of the Spläsh 13" will fit most 13" devices, but without using the laptop pocket your Macbook may fit in the main body of the bag. We recommend checking the dimensions of your device and comparing against the bag measurements provided on the product page.

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